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Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Solar Hot Air Collector

I hate throwing anything out untill I have exhausted my mind, searched the web or visited Instructables for other potential uses. I have not found a hot air collectors made from light fixtures so here you go.

Electric Car Conversion;

YouTube Solar Hot Air Collectors;

Making a solar hot air collector out of free used 2 x 4 metal light fixtures, free old glass and free black paint to reduce our carbon body tape outline, reduce our untility bills and save money. We are building and installing 14 of these hot air collectors on our south wall of our 140 year old house in Ontario, Canada. During sunny days in the winter these will completely heat our house for about 6 hours. After we make these, we will join them together venting the cold air from the bottom of the rooms and exhaust the top vents to the top of rooms. The fans will help increase the air flow to these rooms. The next collectors that we make will also be insulated and have a metal baffle inside to help concentrate the heat. The collectors then will be connected to the house and flexable dryer duct inside the house will vent heat to various rooms . Check out our You tube home page for more info. • Free Heat. • No Fuel Needed. • Renewable. • Cost effective. • Green. • Recycled.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Out of the closet

Hello Everyone
The Electric Pontiac Fiero will see the public for the first time at a private Canadian Tire Show and Shine on June 12 2011 at the Canadian Tire Family Fun Day. Many employees who heard and saw the project start as an idea come reality with many employees’ comments and ideas helping in the design will have a chance to see, sit touch and learn. We will have handouts, flyers and answer any and all questions. The car is licensed, insured and all legal. It again was made with all recycled parts, most coming from used forklift parts and batteries.
Hope to see you there.
Stephen Smith
A.K.A Eco Steve