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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mounting Battery Rails

Mounting the battery bank rails made out of used aluminum transport trailer roof rails. that were donated to the project. Remember people ask if you can have it, everything for the project was donated.

Son riveting battery rails in place. How many kids are building Electric Cars these days, I know of only one. Despite the sad look on his face he is actually having fun.


Load testing the battery grouping with a little jump.

Video jumping.


Battery configuration, trying to maximize space and balance the weight of all the pack. Each pack weighs 20 lbs, so just in the front there is 360 lbs.

After the battery placement has been finalized then we will add both fibreglass and rigid insulation to enclose the boxes to maintain the heat for the winter time. We will add vents and controls for the summer time.

These rails were cut down to bridge the gap across the front void where the spare tire (center) and the radiator (right) use to be.

These rails were also riveted in place by our son, he also calculated the correct Ah capacity that the car would need to travel 150 km.

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