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Monday, July 13, 2009

Who needs to go backwards in Life

Well before ripping out the ICE Dino drinking motor we wanted to make sure all the gears worked good. Well up and down the drive way a few times and we lost reverse. The reverse linkage came off we threw a nylon tie on if and continued testing (linkage in the picture with the tie wrap on it).

Next we placed the Fiero on blocks to test the transmission, bearings and to have documentation of the Fiero's running rebuilt engine in case someone needs a "2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine with no shakes".


Also a 1 minute video of the the engine running. This is the last time this ICE motor will run in this car. Maybe we should keep it as a back up generator for our of grid system?


Next we removed the deck lid and deck electric remote control release plug located at the left hinge under left deck plate. Scribe or paint alignment marks around the edge of both hinges to allow for ease of installation.

Now start chopping, well very carefully! Its a good idea to pick up a Haynes Workshop Manual and take your time unplug pretty much everything from the engine including throttle cables and think twice and cut once.

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