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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nothing Wasted, Everthing Gained

Waste not and want not, to fill you house with all the items that are to be added to your final dream that is and oh ya bother your neighbours. My wife is amazingly patient with my, our and her dreams. If you only need a few items off something and the rest can be "thrown out" preferably recycled do so. Having all the pieces apart and ready to add to your puzzle is easier when the time to assembly comes, no child labor here, well our son dissected 2 boxes he thought it was cool to break stuff (example 50 power boxes @ 30 min each = 25 hours). No time is saved just aggravation later, about $2000.00 saved on things needed at a later date, just for asking do you guys need those broken power boxes that Quality Engineering is done with. The battery wires red and black inside these power packs will wire the strings together.

Inside these power packs are also battery discharge indicator (see below) to show the remaining charge left inside the battery, these meters will be used later in the conversion process as battery string monitors (6 strings 12 volts each = 72 volts total system voltage).

Each power pack also has a 250 volt dc fuse, Anderson type battery plug in, heat sink with 12 volt mini fan, shunt connectors, 12 volt work light, 12 volt accessory socket plug in and as a added bonus lots and lots of screws.

Screws for free free, free, free

I will have extra amp meters as seen above for free and can ship you one or two, you pay for postage or I can drop them off to you if you are local. If you need any email me

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